About Me

Hi, I’m Dr. Ronni L. Samassa. I have a doctorate in Public Administration, a Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in Public Management, a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, and a Non-Profit certification in Nonprofit Management. I’ve worked with the public sector in government for the majority of my career. 

I truly believe that I was created to encourage and uplift others wherever I go! I have had the opportunity to travel and share these gifts with others for quite some time. I've had my share of setbacks in life as no one is immune to life's challenges, however each time I have been able to allow God to use it for my good. From sexual abuse as a child, being twice divorced in my mid-thirties, and going through personal bankruptcy just to name a few, has taught me the love and faithfulness of a never-failing God. God will use everything that you have been through for your good. He is INTENTIONAL! 

Regardless of where your are in life, I pray that you gain the momentum that is needed for your next assignment! I'd love to share the journey with you! I love you to life and pray God's very best for you! 

- Dr. Ronni Samassa, DPA, CPC  

Dr. Ronni L. Samassa